The Healthy Voyager Launches The #WebFreeWeekend Challenge!

#WebFreeWeekend BadgeCarolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, launches the #WebFreeWeekend . A movement, in association with , that hopes to help people find a healthy balance in life & reconnect by stepping away from web devices for 1 at least weekend.

These days, we are attached to our phones, tablets and computers that we miss out on the simple pleasures and magic moments in life. From being on our phones at meals with our friends and families to playing online games while on vacation, we are online from dawn till dusk.

Not only is this socially unhealthy, it’s bad for our health as we are not striking a balance with work and social life and also finding false fulfillment and happiness from our various devices instead of from all the other things the world has to offer.

So while we know that being online is part of the fabric of our modern lives, we also know that taking time off is beneficial for our lives, our health and our families. Your emails, tweets and Facebook friends will all be there on Monday so take the pledge to enjoy at least 1 #WebFreeWeekend!

Be sure to visit to check out the photos and videos of people all over the world taking the pledge and also sharing their  #WebFreeWeekend moments afterwards. And make sure to use the hashtag to see if you could win prizes from the WFW campaign promotions! Enjoy and share and let’s take back some time for ourselves!

Take the #WebFreeWeekend Challenge Today and Share Your Moments Too!

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