Carolyn Scott-Hamilton Cover Girl for a Third Time

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton graces the cover of the March/April 2017 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine. This makes it her third time to be as the featured cover story and cover girl in a print magazine. In this issue, Carolyn talks about her career, how she got started and what’s next with her brand and projects. […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton Joins Forces with the United States Air Force to Teach Plant Based Health and Cooking on Global Bases

Carolyn sets off on her first assignment in September 2016 to teach plant based health and cooking to the United States Air Force on a base in Adana, Turkey. Carolyn is honored to have been chosen to teach plant based health and conduct cooking demos on base to those who help protect our nation. This […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton Recipient of the Taste Award for Best Organic and/or Health Program

After 3 consecutive years of being a multi-category nominee, The Healthy Voyager Travel Show wins for Best Healthy/Organic Program at the 2016 Taste Awards.  Among many notable nominees and winners, Carolyn is extremely proud of the honor and the recognition for all of her hard work on her travel and cooking shows. Carolyn will also be a […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton Recipient of the Best Latino YouTuber Tecla Award

On the evening of March 16, 2015, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton attended the first annual Tecla Awards at Hispanicize 2015.  She was the proud and honored recipient of the Tecla Award for Best Latino Youtuber. Among many notable nominees and winners, Carolyn is extremely proud of the honor and the recognition for all of her hard work […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is an Inspire Health Magazine Cover Girl

Hitting magazine racks this March 2015, is the newest issue of Inspire Health Magazine, featuring Carolyn Scott-Hamilton as the cover story. Carolyn was interviewed for the magazine in late 2014, sharing her story about how and why she became The Healthy Voyager. Readers may subscribe and buy copies of the magazine online as well as […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton to Host Vegano Italiano Tour This July

Have you ever wanted to visit Italy? Well, make plans to join me for a once in a lifetime trip to Naples, the Amalfi Coast and even Pompei, all while enjoying earth shatteringly delicious, organic, vegan food! Carolyn will be hosting the inaugural Vegano Italiano Festival, July 11-18th, and would LOVE to have you join her! She’ll be along for all of the […]

The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen Cooking Show Launches on Tastemade

After lots of planning and perfecting, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton has added a new series to her Healthy Voyager brand. Introducing The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen cooking show, a cooking show that features Carolyn’s vegan and special diet friendly recipes from family favorites to traditional ethnic dishes from across the globe. Carolyn aims to launch new episodes […]

The Healthy Voyager Launches The #WebFreeWeekend Challenge!

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, launches the #WebFreeWeekend . A movement, in association with , that hopes to help people find a healthy balance in life & reconnect by stepping away from web devices for 1 at least weekend. These days, we are attached to our phones, tablets and computers that we miss […]

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton Invited to Be Keynote Speaker on Special Diets at National NACUFS Conference

On January 25th, 2014, Carolyn will be addressing a national conference of the NACUFS (National Association of College and University Food Services) directors and chefs from colleges and universities from all around the United States on the importance of implementing more special diet, healthy, organic and locally sourced foods. On the heels of helping Knott’s […]

Veestro Plant Based Food Delivery Service Joins Forces With Holistic Nutritionist & Chef, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and Fitness Guru, Joshua Smith

Every January, millions of Americans resolve to lose weight and get fit in the New Year. However, many struggle due to lack of time or even knowledge on preparing healthy, nutrient dense meals to help drop the pounds. Additionally, adding in a fitness plan that works can also be challenging for many rendering all resolutions […]