The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen Cookbook 10 year Anniversary Edition is Here!

The Healthy voyager's Global Kitchen Cookbook 10th Anniversary EditionIt’s official!! The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen Cookbook 10 Year Anniversary Edition has hit shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season! This updated and supersized version of my bestseller is back, jam packed with 175 delicious global recipes, all veganized and healthified for your special diet enjoyment!

All sorts of folks will be able to indulge in some of the world’s most popular dishes, regardless of your dietary restrictions. And even non-restricted folks can enjoy these traditional meals as they have all the taste of the originals with none of the caloric and other unhealthy guilt!

Check out the list of countries that you’ll be able to visit from the comfort of your own kitchen once you get your copy today!

1.     USA

2.     Latin America

3.     Caribbean Island Nations

4.     United Kingdom

5.     Spain

6.     France

7.     The Netherlands, Denmark & Switzerland

8.     Italy

9.     Germany

10.  Greece

11.  Russia

12.  The Middle East

13.  Africa

14.  India

15.  China

16.  Thailand & Vietnam

17.  Japan

Here’s to happy, healthy and delicious adventures to you and yours!

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