Veestro Plant Based Food Delivery Service Joins Forces With Holistic Nutritionist & Chef, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and Fitness Guru, Joshua Smith

Veestro Plant Based Food Delivery Service Joins Forces With Holistic Nutritionist & Chef, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and Fitness Guru, Joshua SmithEvery January, millions of Americans resolve to lose weight and get fit in the New Year. However, many struggle due to lack of time or even knowledge on preparing healthy, nutrient dense meals to help drop the pounds. Additionally, adding in a fitness plan that works can also be challenging for many rendering all resolutions all but forgotten by January 31st.

Veestro has joined forces with holistic nutritionist and vegan chef Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, as well as fitness guru, Joshua Smith, to integrate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  The 21-Day Challenge marks the launch of this powerful collaboration. With healthy, plant based juices, soups and entrees available for delivery directly to homes and offices and a quick 15 minute-a-day workout the convenience and budget factor of getting on track in the new year is taken care of with a click of the mouse at Just defrost, heat and enjoy!

Three new 21-Day Challenge meal plans are available in 1, 2 and 3 meal-a-day packs. For folks who just want to supplement their diet with 1 plant based meal a day for 21 days, the 1 meal-a-day pack is perfect. For those who need some extra help but still want a little flexibility in adding in their own meals, the 2 meal-a-day packs are just right. And for people who are looking to buckle down and use the 21-Day Challenge as a jump-start to better health without having to worry about time or preparing any meals, the 3-a-day pack is ideal. Carolyn and Veestro’s chef have created these plans to optimize nutrition while delivering mouthwatering variety.

Carolyn is a well-respected figure in the health and green living and travel world, having authored a best-selling cookbook, hosted a popular travel and lifestyle web show and graced national shows with her fun, healthy living and travel tips, recipes and overall expertise. Specializing in vegan and special diet travel, Scott-Hamilton has helped choose meal plans that are not only Healthy Voyager Approved but also the perfect mix of variety, nutrition and flavor for 21-Day Challengers to feel satisfied while improving their health.

Joshua Smith is a Master Pilates Trainer and former professional dancer, he has co-created numerous Pilates DVD’s and is co-owner of an indoor cycling center; working with fitness clients is his life.  He has put together 15-minute-a-day fitness plan that is perfect for 21-Day Challengers; it is a quick and fun way to get fit the right way.  Joshua knows that physical fitness is key for overall well being and along with the meal packs, his guidance will help people feel energized as well as empowered.

Ordering the meal packs is simple and fun and the food is delivered frozen to your home or office. Just place them in your freezer, and you have healthy, delicious plant based meals that are quick, easy and affordable on hand for when you need them.